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My Pet Peeves
Becky's Website

1. stuck up people
2. Guys that think getting a girl in bed is the most important thing in their lives
3. when you get dumped for over drugs
4. forest green colors
5. people that have to 'blend in' with the crowd
6. people who copy you all the time
7. being followed around by people you hate
8. Britney Spears
9. liers/fakers
10. hypocondriacts
11. people that always look for attention
12. getting phone calls one after another
13. when people act like retards all the time, but ones that aren't funny when they act retarded
14. immature guys and sometimes girls
15. people that pick fights with you for no reason
16. people that bitch and complain about everything
17. moody people
18. the kind of cheerleaders that don't stop cheering in class & the stuck up ones who think they can kick your ass
19. those who think they are higher above everyone else in the popularity ladder
20. people that fake that they like you, but really don't
21. when guys 'play with your head'
22. school
23. being led on
24. scrubby people
25. rude comments
26. cross dressers
27. guys that act like girls
28. girls that act like guys
29. serious people
30. being tickle tourchered after you told them to stop like 29735 times
31. having to be nice to people that you can't stand
32. teachers that choose favorites
33. people that disrupt class *in school* all the time
34. out spoken people
35. the feeling of being paranoid
36. some pop music ~but I like some love songs! :o)
37. Dana Valella
38. dandilions (sp?)
39. the feeling of being nervous
30. people that steal ~especially friends that steal from you
31. the smell of fast food
32. old people saying how cute you are
33. guys that think they're the shit
34. cold weather
35. when your best friend knows you like this certain guy, and then she goes and flirts with him and then asks him out for herself.
36. people that are fat/chunky/way overweight and they dress like whores
37. when people say they can't help they're weight problem
38. trumpets
39. some old school rap music
40. when crabby people ruin your good mood
41. when you get blamed for everything
42. hangovers
43. being scared
44. being stocked by ugly guys from Neguanee *Laurie* lol
45. breaking a bed at camp and being blamed for it!! *lol Hey Laurie?*
46. when people yell in your ear
47. being fat AND ugly
48. being left out
49. people who don't try
50. waiting for a long time
51. getting a mustache when you drink red Kool Aid or Code Red
52. when skinny people say their fat
53. when your hands get all wrinkley and prunny when you stick them in water for a long time
54. wearing a bathing suit infont of hott guys
55. being bossed around by your friends moms
56. smell of horse crap!! and cow crap!! ick
57. when people ask stupid questions & aren't funny about it
58. when people fart or burp and don't say *excuse me* (The Walins)
59. when your online and a bunch of pop up ad's come up
60. people that IM you that you don't really like
61. annoying, loud people
62. light..i like the dark;)
63. dark purple
64. Ray
65. people that don't act their age
66. the smell of old people
67. Ms. Clark
68. judgemental people
69. vain people
70. friends that talk behind your back
71. when you forget about a really good idea
72. people that don't shower
73. drama queens
74. guys that judge girls by their looks and not personality
75. people that think their are good at singing when their not
76. people who exaggerate
77. people who think their perfect
78. bugs that fly around your head
79. Hollie <--she told me to put that HaHa.
80. getting in fights with people over stupid things *hey Laurie! Sorry*
81. being the middle person in fights
82. being involved in something you have nothing to do with
83. people that talk to you about something you have no idea what their talking about
84. people that act older than they really are
85. people that date others like 10 years older than they are
86. people that use the words *retarted* or *gay* day in and day out
87. when people say *gay* and they don't even use the right meaning of it
88. those who make fun of people that have disabilities
89. people who make fun of overweight people
90. when you can't get a hot guy you want
91. being talked about in a bad way
92. sarcastic people ...that do it all the time
93. people that have no heart...and are all around rude
94. band teachers that throw stuff at you, like erasers!! *lol Hey Holl?!*
95. disco music
96. when people use the word *nigger* or *nigga*
97. the way some black people talk and act
98. being bored
99. when people say that they are going to do something, and they don't
100. people who walk slow when your behind them
101. Mrs. DeMilio and her fake smile
102. little kids who run and scream..and are just plain annoying
103. people who chew with their mouth open
104. when people breathe heavy
105. when people snore in their sleep
106. when your talking to people online and they don't answer you for like a long time
107. people that your talking to online and they don't say bye to you before they leave
108. people that don't sign off right away when they tell you their leaving
109. when people say they have something to tell you and then they forget! lol
110. when people call you for no reason and your not in the mood to talk on the phone
111. when you can't have a guy you want
112. when you want to be with someone but their far away from you
113. black people...ahh I don't mean to sound prejudice but, Chicago changed my whole out look on black people!!...well most of them, especially the guys! what a bunch of ....pimps!! lol
114. when a guy likes you...but they don't ask you out!!
115. the color grey! ick!
116. when your best friend goes and tells your boyfriend stuff that you supposedly said or did!
117. when your friends mix up your words
118. when people sit in class or a quiet room and crack their knuckels!! ahhh
119. colored socks lol
120. when you loose a game, say like softball and other people rub it in your face!!
121. most oldies music
122. people that talk about their sex lives
123. when you get kicked off of AIM!! jesus chirst!! lol
124. Pamida
125. people that rip on lesbians or gays
126. sunburn!!
127. people who say *witches should be burned at the stek!! (sp?)*....hmm Khol Nelson!! ....lol
128. long bus/car rides
129. bug bites
130. the woods
131. when guys or girls go out with people just because of what's on  the outside not the inside!
132. when things don't go my way
133. bossy people
134. people that poke you just to annoy you
135. when the same guy and girl like each other but they don't go out with each other...
136. balla's ....haha i mean guys that act like them
137. the feeling you get when your on a rollarcoaster
138. being pressured into doing things you don't wanna do. hmmm camp!! *steve m!!* grrrr ...brings back sick memories!! lol
139. when people make plans with you like two months ahead of time
140. when music won't download from Kazaa!! lol 
142. when you here the word *fuck* like 40 times in one song!
143. the feeling of getting scared
144. when other people talk behind other peoples backs for no reason or when they don't even know them.
145. when you get bug bites on the bottom of your foot!! lol
146. going to my softball games and losing!! grrr
147. people that think they're funny when their not
148. playing out field in softball!
149. when I want something really bad and I can't get it or have it
150. when your friends cut you down on the things or people that you like.
151. when you try to get offline and certain *annoying* people keep on IM'ing you saying *bye* or *lylas* or whatever...
152. love songs that make you think of a certain person and then makes you cry.
153. when somebody teases you about something that was really imbarrassing
154. when I forget a really good pet peeve I have and I forget to put it in here!! lol
155. people that say it's wrong for black and white people to date, have kids, or do whatever.
156. friends that ask you everyday if your mad at them!
157. people that complain about how bored they are
158. opera singers
159. being away from somebody for along time
160. encouraging people to do something bad
161. when people say *I hate you*
162. people that have *no heart*
163. songs that don't make sense
164. being classified!
165. *Thugs*
166. the smell of old people
167. taking tests
168. when people cut other people down that they don't even know
169. having short hair
170. wiggers *white people that act/talk like they're black*
171. when people get you in the middle of things and you end up talking to the cops. errr
172. people that exagerate
173. when my finger nails break lol
174. people that brag about certain stuff
175. when i don't get things that I really want
176. people that stare at you


Theres more..I just can't think of all of them right now HaHa.