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About Me
Becky's Website

It's ALL About Me ;)

^ Me when I -was- cute ^

Full Name: Rebecca Marie
Nicknames: Becky, Becca, Beckels, Beck, Beckers, Beckage, Chewbacca, Becca-Becca, Becka Becka Bing Bang, Becca Boo
D.O.B: March 15, 1988
Occupation: Sophmore @ IHS
Born in: Ishpeming
Statz: Swingin' single for now
Favorite sports: volleyball, tennis, and softball
Favorite songs: My Neck My Back -Khia ;), Don't Wanna Try -Franky J, Stacey's Mom -Fountains Of Wayne, Batter Up -Nelly, Milk Shake -Kelis
Favorite quote: "Don't worry about knowing people, make yourself worth knowing" -unknown
Favorite movie: American Pie 1 & 2, American Wedding, Not Another Teen Movie, Scary Movie 1 & 2 
Favorite color: pink, baby blue & silver 
Favorite t.v shows: That 70's Show, Malcom in the Middle, Dismissed, Elimidate, TRL, 5th Wheel, Last Call with Carson Daily, Gilmore Girls, Who Wants To Marry My Dad..you know all those reality TV shows. HaHa.

to be updated more...

some pic of volleyball

So far our Freshman volleyball team is doing okay. We almost got into the finals at the tournament this past Saturday -2/22/03- But we took 3rd place out of five teams, which I guess isn't too bad.



My Fav's

Favorite Actors:
1) Josh Hartnett
2) Ryan Phillippe
3) Joshua Jackson
4) Freddie Prinze Jr.
5) David Boreanaz

Favorite Music Bands
1) Limp Bizkit
2) Blink 182
3) Good Charlotte
4) Hoobastank
5) Default
6) Adema
7) Sugar Ray
8) Simple Plan
9) P. Roach
10) New Found Glory
11) The Used
12) All American Rejects