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Ashton Kutcher
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He's So Hott, He Gets A Page To Himself ;)








               *Facts about Ashton!*
Birth Name: Christopher Ashton Kutcher
Height: 6'3"
D.O.B: February 7, 1978
Birth Place: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Occupation: actor/model
Education: University of Iowa *Majored in Biochemical Engineering*
                Cedar Rapids Washington High School
                Clear Creek Amana High School *Graduated in 1996*
Father: Larry Kutcher *Divorced in 1991*
Mother: Diane Portwood *Remarried in 1996*
Sister: Tausha Kutcher *Born in 1975*
Brother: Michael Kutcher *Fraternal Twin*
Step Father: Mike Portwood
                                          *Weird Facts*
*Use to have a job at General Mills plant sweeping floors for $12 dollar an hour
*Has two webbed middle toes on his right foot!!! eww gross! I highly doubt this is true but I saw it on a website I was looking at!!

That 70's Show!!

Go to the above link to see my favorite tee vee show that Ashton stars in!!!

under construction!! I'm too lazy to do it right now!!