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Quotes and Pics of Blink 182!

These are some funny quotes that Mark, Travis, and Tom said...
"Lets hear it for blowjobs people!"
"We are not stars.We are all just dorks in a band."
"They always want to see how big our penises are."
"Disney Movies are fuckin' bitching."
"This is Travis sweat because we fucked in the butt.Travis fucked me in the butt and i sweated so much that i came."
"Alright if i had to sleep with a man it would be Harrison Ford,alright."
"...but you're so beautiful...TO TRAVIS!"
"For me sex with a girl is a race to orgasm,and i'm undefeated!"
"I haven't grown up at all since i was a freshman in high school,neither has my penis."
"Some people think that we are idiots and perverts,which we are."
"We don't want to act like adults.Anybody who can stay in a state of adolescence will be much better off later on.Look at people who are working nine-to-five jobs out of college, and then look at proffessional skateboarders or guys in punk bands," he says."See who's having more fun." "I don't know why i am in this band,I'm the only guy that likes girls.I am the only one that believes that guys and girls should be together and that babies should be made the penis vagina way. The old way.These guys are trying to create some weird wacky,maybe the penis in the butt will get a kid,I don't know.I don't think that works." Mark:"What?" Tom:"No,don't come here and try to act like your heterosexual."
"My nuts taste better with fudge!"
"I'm not gay,a lot of people think I'm gay.I have a girlfriend,she thinks I'm gay."
"We hear in the Philippenes,when a baby is crying,you suck on his penis to make him be quite. So i guess that makes me Felipino.It wrks for me,too...If I'm crying,just suck on my penis." Mark:"Ok Tom! Shut the Fuck up!"
"I'm probably the sexiest and the best in bed,even if I'm by myself in bed.I love to masturbate,I just love to deliver orgasms to the masses."
"If you can't get laid tonight,i swear to god you're such a loser."
"This song thourougly encourages masturbation throughout the world!Let's hear it for jerkin off!"
"I've masturbated like 5 times within the last 24 hours...it's gonny fall off...it hurts!"
"If i were a condom,I'd be too big."
"Who's beer is this?"
"We are just a silly little punk band."



Omgg..I Love Marks Guitar


More Mark!!


aww how cute! Tom sleepin!

Tom is so cute!!



Sorry I don't have an pics of Travis right now! I need to find some! But I put in my only group pic of them, just because Travis is in it!! haha ..I'll be updating it more!