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My Most Embarrassing Moments
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April 15th~
        Brittany and I were walking into my apartment and at the end of the stairs, *to get to my apartment* there was a pair of silky green gstring underware at the end of the stairs. I was like *ewww* and Brittany looked a little grossed out. I kicked them underneath the stairs and we ran up to my apartment.
         As Brittany and I were sitting here on the computer, my mom called. I noticed that all of my clothes *that were dirty* were gone. I asked my mom if she took them to do laundry at the laundrmat and she told me that John *my mom's boyfriend* had come to get them like right before I got home. I ran downstairs. I realized that I had green silky gstring underware too! This may sound gross...but I looked at the underware to see if they were mine, and they were!! *but i didn't touch them, until i found out they were mine!! icky!!*
        My mom and Brittany were laughing histarically..they thought it was sooo funny! I thought it was funny to but pretty imbarrassing!! I hope that never happens again, cuz theres some hott guys that live in my apartment building and they probably saw my underware!!! OMG!! NOOOOO!! why do these things always happen to me?!
May 9th~
Omg! Today, while sitting in history class I thought of another imbarrassing moment. I think it happened in the begining of this year. Okay, this sounds super gross..but I'm gonna tell you anyway. So if your a guy...you probably don't want to hear. So dont read this!! lol It was that *time of the month* and I asked one of my friends if I went through and she told me yes. I like spazed out and went into the bathroom and tried to get *it* off. I thought that I had got it all out but then when the spot dried, it turned yellow!! We were outside at recess when one of my friends realized it and I had to go ask Mrs. LeSage *the outside aid* if I could go into the bathroom! She asked me *why?* Well, durrr let's think about it!! Why do people go into the bathroom!?!? trrrr soo i kind of exagerated and said that I sat on a yellow marker! OMG, I don't know what I was thinking!! Then she said that she wanted to see if I was telling the truth! So I had to show her the yellow stain on my butt! God, she must be a lez and a half! jk Then, she was like *Sorry to tell ya Hun, but that doesn't look like yellow marker!!* I almost started to crack up! But that was so himiliating cuz she was looking at my butt when a whole bunch of people were around and she said that!! I just wanted to die right then and there!! ahhh I hate when that happens!! lol
May 15th~
    Today was a horrible day and not to mention imbarrassing!! arrr I was in 4th hour History class today and Jessica wrote a note to Hollie asking if me and Talia were going to be in ball. I'm pretty sure she meant *softball* So Hollie gave me the note and I wrote something like *Well duh I'm gonna be in ball you, crack whore! lol jk* So I gave it to Jessica and she was like giggly and she was being really loud and obnoxious like she always is!! So Kate Argall turned around and she was like looking at Hollie and Jessica like they were freaks or something because Hollie was like fighting Jessica for the note or something. So Kate was like whispering to Hollie to give her the note. So knowing Hollie the stupid person she is...she gave the note to Kate! durrr that was a big mistake!! And of course she gave it to Mr. Valima *the History teacher*!! grr I was sooo mad! So he read the notes...he didn't look to happy either. I could tell that he wasn't very happy with what I wrote. I could tell he was like going to call me up infront of the class and maybe give me a detention..and of course I was right! He did call me infront of everyone and he had a *talk* with me! He was asking me who wrote what and who started writing the letter to who! I told him the truth..I was gonna lie to him. But then I figured I was just gonna get myself in more shit! Anywho..Jessica budded into the converstaion between me and Valima. She was like *Me and Becky are the bestest of friends!! Don't give her a detention!! She was just joking!!* and then she pointed to the *JK* I wrote after I wrote *crack whore* on the paper. Valima was like *Yea, I see that* durr But I was sooo imbarrassed when Jessica said that we were *best friends*! OMG were hardly even friends!! God, sorry but I'm not friends with people that say they are pregneant everyday or they say *HEHE I got pregneant by a pickel!!* That's just sick and twisted!! ahh that was one of the most embarrassing days mostly because of what Jessica said and I had to go up infront of the class...and everybody *well mostly everybody* was like so surprised that I got in trouble. I guess cuz everyone thinks that I like NEVER get in trouble!! haha yea right!! I guess they don't know me very well then! stupid losers! arrr anyway..I don't know it was just embarrassing for some reason..I guess cuz I like some guy in my history class but I'm not gonna say who!! Well, I don't really like him...but in a sense I do, I guess. But I think he's cute!! It is NOT either of the Tritten brothers, Jay, Kohl lol, or any of those nerd guys!! or Darren...ick!!

May 17th
Today me and Jake were suppose to go to the movies. :o) Well, not just me and Jake. But I guess me Ali, Danielle, and Danny P too. But anywho, Danielle told me to call the theature to see what time *Star Wars* plays at...so I did. Well when I called 486-SHOW *the number to the cinama* this weird guy answered the phone. He was like *Hello?* and stupid me..I just kinda figured that I had the right number so I said *Ummm what times does Star Wars play at??* and he's like, *3:00* Then I was like *umm okay, thanx* in a confused voice. Right before I hung up I heard like kids screaming in the background!! Then I kinda figured that I had the wrong number!! Stupid me!! durrr omg he sounded kind of hott too!! jesus christ!! why do I always make an idiot of myself infront of guys?! god damnit!! : * (    I'm pissed. lol But I'm not really that imbarrassed about it because he didn't know me..so it's all good! But then I called Danielle back and told her and she started to laugh at me!! :( but I was laughing at myself because I'm such an idiot! lol But now, I'm really sad because I called Jake and he's not home!! That bitch! lol He told me to call him! Oh yea, when I called Jake, I thought it was 485 and then his number so I called that number and this guy answered and I asked if Jake was there and the kid kept on saying *hello?* and all I really heard was like the sound of IM's like on AIM or something. It was pretty annoying. And again, I made an idiot of myself infront of a guy! But he didn't know me so it's cool! grr but I did manage to call the right number and sooo he's not home!! : ( god damnit!! how's come guys are never home when they say to call you?! I don't get guys!! they are soooo......durrrr!! lol well not the ones that I like. :o) actually, yea they are!! anyway..this night better get better otherwise I'm gonna hurt someone!! but the movie is at 9 so I got like 5 hours to get a hold of him!! If he doesn't go I'm gonna be so bored during the movie!!...ahhh that came out wrong!! lol God, me and Ali will be sitting there like retarted watching Dan and Danielle make out! Acutally, I wouldn't wanna watch them make out because that's just...not right, at all!! Unless it was two guys then I'd wanna watch! :o) jk. But gay guys are sexy!! anyway..I want Jake to go!! grrr!
May 26
Me and Laurie are just sittin here thinking about what to put in my Most Imbarrassing Moments and we finally thought of one!! Okay, like sometime last year Laurie was sleeping over and her sister Savanha and her boyfriend Dustin walked her to my house. We were looking out my window and Dustin and Savanha were walking down the street and I said in a joking was *ooh gosh Dustin looks hot in white!* and he heard me hollar it out the window. And then the next time I called Laurie's house, Josh *her brother* answered the phone and he was saying *Are you the one that thinks Dustin looks hot in white?* I was soo imbarrassed it wasn't even funny! I was so scared to go to Lauries house again...every time that I went over. Josh, Dustin, and some what her mom were making fun of me. Laurie and Savanha just sat their laughing. OMG I was really imbarrassed but I thought it was kind of funny!

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