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Shout outs to *some* of my friends!

Laurie--we've grown SO close these past few years. I'm glad we have 'cause I've missed you when we stopped hanging out for awhile. I never wanna get in another fight with you again over something stupid, such as "camp '01." I'll always be here for ya, hun.:)
Hollie--I love our little trips downstate! HaHa. I love ya, Hollaball. Don't ever change.:)
Brittany--I can't believe how much we missed over the years that we stopped being friends. I loveee hanging out with you. Your awesome! I'll alwayyys be here for ya.
Andrea--Your so awesome. HaHa. & funny as hell. We had some "god" times together. Hahaha. I <3 ya, Dre. Your the besttt.
Alicia--even though we are veryy different, I still love being with you & talkin'. Don't change tho.:) 
Anna--I love how you always keep me motivated to go to church & be so into God, even though I don't wanna. You just have that power to make me feel so religious. HaHa. Next year in tennis we are gonna kick some ass & get our spot back on Varsity!
Kristen--We've had our ups and downs, but we've been good friends for a while. I'll be here for you even if we aren't friends. I <3 ya.
Becky K--I miss you now that you've gone away to college! Now theres no one to wave stupidly to, or stop & give hugs to everytime we pass.:( I miss those days. HaHa. Thankss for the smart advice & listening to me bitch & complain about whatever it was. I <3 ya, Beck.:)
Sarah--I'm so glad we've became friends this year, even though you thought I was "stuck up" last year. HaHa. Your awesome & so fun to be with. I'm allwayyy here for you.:)
Tiffany--I wish you could be up here right now.:( I miss you sooo much. I'm sorry for all the fights..I feel really bad that I'm such a bitch to you all the time.:/ Lol. But your my family, so it's alright. I'm always here to talk to. I hope things go better for you.:)
Jen O--Mannn..I don't know what to say to you. I think I've said pretty much everything I can to you. That's awesome that we've been friends since the 1st grade & still goin strong! HaHa. I Love Ya, LiTtLe JenNyO!:):) HaHa.

If I didn't put you in here, it's only because I didn't think you'd want to be in here. But if you do, tellll me & don't get offended, pleassee.:)